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Kansas City Cat Club Vendor Contract



Vendor Coordinator:

Jill Sullivan




Vendor Information:

Company Name:


Contact Name:




Phone #:  





General statement describing the product or service available at your booth:




Booth Rate:  


Option1: 10’ x 10’ with one 8’ table and one or two chairs:  $75



Option 2: Two 10’x10’ booth spaces with one table / 1-2 chairs: $110



Additional 8’ table for option 1 or 2: $10


*Please indicate which of the above options you would like and whether you want additional tables:




Terms:  Payment for vendor space is due with this applicaton. Club PayPal is or contact Vendor Coordinator for alternative payment methods.


Kansas City Cat Club (KCCC) shall provide space for the vendor as outlined above. Vendor agrees to pay stated fees and attend the show for the purpose of promoting his or her products. Sale of animals at the vending area is prohibited. If KCCC fails to have the show or fails to provide the space as stated in this contract, the fees will promptly be returned to the vendor and such refund will be accepted by Vendor as full settlement of all loss or damage suffered by loss of being able to vend at the show. Vendor is responsible for guarding his or his goods from the time they are placed in the booth until they are removed.  KCCC will not guarantee vendor safety of his goods against fire, theft, or any loss or injury whatsoever. Vendor is responsibe for all liability regarding his/her presence and activities in the showhall.


I have read this contract and understand it is legally binding between Vendor and KCCC. Contract may be submitted electronically and electronic signature shall be treated as an original.


Vendor Signature & Date:    


Vendor Coordinator Signature & Date:


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