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Please join us at the:


13420 Oak St, Lenexa KS


Saturday and Sunday 

April 9 & 10th, 2022 

9 am to 3 pm each day


Fees for entry:

Adults:  $8

Seniors (over 65):  $5

Children: (5-12yrs) :  $5

Visiting A Cat show

So you plan on visiting a cat show?! You are bound to see beautiful cats from around the world and meet some very passionate cat lovers. But their are a couple of things to keep in mind. Please do not pet the cats at the show, unfortunately you loving hands could spread a virus or parasites through the show hall and to your pets at home.  Most owners and breeders will be more then willing to answer your questions, but sometimes they are in a hurry to get to the judging ring. If you would like to ask someone a question, it is best to wait until they are back at their benching area. If you see someone carrying a cat please give them the right of way, they are likely running their cat up to the judge and we don't want to keep them waiting. If a cat becomes loose, please let a exhibitor know their is a loose cat. If you are near a door, please close it and make sure it doesn't open until the cat is caught. If the cat comes near you please don't try to catch the cat, just raise your hand or point toward the cat and let the owner catch them. 

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